One of the biggest challenges in developing an effective web presence for any kind of business is in streamlining the way we update & maintain the site. Businesses evolve, and marketing strategies must also grow to meet the demands of a changing market, fickle customers and new technologies.

Clients come to us because we operate as if we were their own personal in-house design dept. You call us ~ we answer. Your business is changing, and your website needs to reflect that ~ not only once per quarter, but weekly – sometimes even daily. Take a look at the recently upgraded  Sago Plantation site to see an example of how we’re putting the power back into our clients’ hands. Utilizing a CMS (Content Management System) engine powered by WordPress, we’ve set up a customized site that clients can update at will, easily, with no fancy coding knowledge required. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress!

This client is a Real Estate Developer, and as such, wanted to do more than simply list which properties were for sale, whom to contact, etc. This is a rapidly changing market, and the better we can inform our customers, the more likely they are to buy with confidence. Powering our clients’ sites with CMS technology allows them to attract qualified buyers with greater frequency, driving sales & increasing revenue.

A final point regarding the WordPress engine: we’re able to offer clients access to their website stats in a very visual, easy-to-read format. This improves accountability ~ both in our efficacy as web designers/marketing consultants, as well as for our client’s ability to track what kind of potential customers are visiting their site. This is powerful software that is making a difference in the bottom line for our clients’ businesses.

Ever since we took your advice and had you convert the Sago Website to a WordPress-based site, our traffic has increased 50%. I have a Sago Tour this weekend and it is a lead I got from a Google blog alert! Thanks for all of your help and support! – Jason Ellis

Are you tired of the time it takes and having to contact your web developer for updates? Are you tired of having to pay for your website updates? Contact us to see how we can help with a CMS  solution giving you freedom and real time content publishing.

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