We design for our clients, and for their clients. Marketing is effective only when it communicates the client’s message thoroughly. We do our best to build sites that build brands. We integrate SEO, embed flash animation, feature the latest inventory listing software & do it all with design concepts that flow accessibly.

we_love_WPSo, you know what? It’s nice to get recognized!

We’ve just received notice that WeLoveWP has accepted our submission to their site dedicated to showcasing WordPress powered sites. Only about 10% of submissions are considered, and we’re proud to inform you that our client Coastal REO Solutions has their site prominently featured as one of the “Corporate” sites on the ballot.

If you’re thinking of re-working your own web presence, or need to start from scratch, take a moment to pursue all of the fantastic sites featured on the site. WordPress is quickly becoming the online solution for many of our clients, and you’ll see why. Having a custom WordPress site will put you in control of your brand.

Now, more than ever, small-to-medium sized businesses need to grow their exposure. But most businesses of this size don’t have the budget that bigger corporations do. This makes making large media buys difficult, if not impossible for most business owners. Inkhaus offers solutions through dynamic online campaigns designed especially for your business ~ once we establish your presence on the web, new avenues of communication are open to new prospective clients. You’ll be able to track your growth more efficiently, benefiting your bottom line accordingly.

Inkhaus Creative is a boutique agency. What does this mean? Above all, it means that when we take on a client, we dedicate ourselves very exclusively to that client. We feel that effective marketing means understanding your company’s needs thoroughly. We are able to achieve this through this exclusive focus on your business. Working with the Inkhaus team means more than “having a website”. It means having a customized marketing department who works to help you reach and surpass your goals.

In addition to designing & maintaining a basic web site, Inkhaus is able to offer several other invaluable services that are guaranteed to boost your exposure & grow your business. Services that include:

  • Inventory Management Software & eCommerce
  • SEO & professional SEO copywriting that ranks your site higher on Google searches
  • Monthly & weekly Blog posts that inform, educate & draw new prospective clients
  • Corporate branding that sets your identity apart from the competition
  • Cross-over promotion to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Flikr
  • Custom eNewsletters designed to speak to your customer base

If you feel that your business is chugging along instead of racing forward, contact us to find out just what a customized marketing department can do for you. We understand that keeping up with the day-to-day reality of any business is a full-time job for anyone. Making the “big push” on marketing & promotion is our day-to-day reality. Let our team become yours.

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