You’ll probably never hear an Inkhaus staffer denouncing ‘The Digital Age’. Undoubtedly, it has revolutionized our Industry for the better. But let it be known: nothing will ever take the place of media that can be touched, felt & experienced. The printed word & image has long been a most effective way to do this. Connecting to your audience, customers & clients means appealing to their sensibilities with engaging colors & textures. We also take care to create copy that communicates your brand’s message effectively. Our clients come to us to design print media that starts conversations. Well-designed print media can bring your brand’s product or service to the forefront of the competition. A brief glance at our portfolio below quickly illustrates our commitment to this philosophy. Contact us to find out how we can elevate your brand’s presence with great print media design.

One of our favorite clients to work with, South of the Border, allows us to flex our creative muscles. We redesigned their restaurant menu for The Sombrero. This print project was printed on 16pt Silk stock with a custom fold. The synthetic silk stock is perfect for use in restaurants because of its water-proof finish and durability, it’s almost impossible to rip or tear. Our layout flowed smoothly and logically along reader eyesight patterns, while drawing attention to the special dishes for which The Sombrero is known.

Role: Restaurant Menu Design, Sketch Artwork, Print

Inkhaus has had the opportunity to work with this young & talented Myrtle Beach Home Builder from the very beginning. We developed a company brand that CRG has stood behind as they have quickly become one of the most sought after luxury home builders on the Grand Strand. These magazine ad designs above for GS Magazine were the exposure needed by CRG to rise above their competition.

Role: Advertising, Magazine Ad Design, Copywriting, Photography

More print collateral that gave CRG Construction the exposure and the professional appearance that propelled this young company to the top. In an industry that has suffered the worst in a bad economy, Inkhaus was able to design and create a brand that generated business for our client. Great design generates action making it a great investment!

Role: Pocket Folder Design, Business Card Design, Tri-Fold Brochure Design, Printing

Inkhaus brings a classic brand back to life. This once popular restaurant on the Grand Strand was given a boost with a brand makeover including new icons/ artwork, logo redesign, menu design, banners and signs that communicated with their target audience.

Role: Menu Design, Print

New restaurant menu design for Divine Fish House, an award-winning establishment & the crown jewel of the local seafood restaurants in Murrells Inlet. Print included a custom foil treatment.

Role: Menu Design, Print

Inkhaus created a custom holiday promotion piece for two of Divine Dining’s award winning restaurants: City Bar Metropolitan Cuisine & Umi Pacific Grille, respectively. The custom die-cut & fold gave the customer the feeling as if they were opening a gift on Christmas.

Role: Flyer Design, Custom Printing, Envelopes

Various advertisements for Divine Dining’s popular restaurants along the Grand Strand

Role: Print, Advertising

Print brochures for Grand Designs exquisite interiors & fine furnishings. We designed a 12 page Home Design Collections brochure featuring various furniture packages for residential & commercial homes as well as a one-fold Complete Condo Furnishings & Accessories brochure.

Role: Logo, Corporate Identity, Brochure Design, Print, Website

Print campaign featuring custom designed airline ticket with perforated tear off stub & special die-cut flier promoting the successful Full Moon Festival.

Role: Print, Custom Flyer Design

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