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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Inkhaus has been thrilled to work with the unique Blenheim Ginger Ale Co. One of America’s oldest independent soda bottling companies, Blenheim has attained something of a cult status. Folks who enjoy their ginger ales tend to be fanatic about it. Some have even created online shrines to the spicy soda.

Inkhaus has updated & developed Blenheim’s brand identity. We designed their website to celebrate the company’s rich history, as well as update & connect to fans of the fiery beverage. Recently we launched their online store. A custom email newletter was created to let fans on the mailing list know that they could now purchase delicious Blenheim’s products anytime.

To test the waters a bit, we sent out around 100 email newsletters (roughly 10% of the mailing list). We were thrilled to see that the campaign had almost a 60% open rate. To put this in perspective: the national average is around 23% for the Agriculture and Food Services industry. This resulted in about a dozen orders placed online before noon! This is marketing that works, folks. If you have a niche product or service, consider an Inkhaus-designed custom email newsletter. Reaching out to your customer base in this way is an effective (and measurable) way to boost business. Viva Blenheim!

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