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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Inkhaus is proud to announce the launch of Coastal REO Solutions, a Myrtle Beach-based company offering risk-management & assessment services of bank-owned properties. Dedicated to stabilizing real estate market conditions, CRS is a company moving forward through innovation.

Our task was to develop a brand with a highly professional look. We started with a logo, establishing a corporate identity. We assured the brand would be visible in a competitive market by producing print ads for various major publications. Then Inkhaus designed a media kit brochure and a powerful website. The IDX real estate software we installed & customized will help potential clients find properties easily. This will help define Coastal REO Solutions as the leading asset management company along the coast of the Carolinas.


Inkhaus develops brands by first understanding the client’s priorities. Coastal REO Solutions needed to have the power to provide updated bank-owned property information on their website. Our solution was to develop a searchable custom MLS real estate database that would meet their expectations and needs.  Not only does the website provide the user with a comprehensive & accessible list of bank owned properties, but also allows us to search the entire MLS with custom features, such as:

In addition to these powerful web features, the site has a blog allowing the client to keep customers updated with local and national REO news. The entire website is custom developed in WordPress, allowing the client to easily update their web content. Inkhaus can truly customize your website to meet any of your needs and requests.

Coastal REO Solutions is developed & driven by innovators who refuse to allow the market to determine their fate alone. Inkhaus is proud to have a partnership with such a company, and we look forward to a long & lasting relationship with tomorrows market leaders.


Saturday, March 14th, 2009


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Little City Musical Theatre Company was recently given Charleston City Paper’s Best of Charleston 2009 award for “Best New Musical Theatre Company”. It is no small feat to generate this kind of brand awareness in a market known for its abundance of performing arts groups. That’s why Robbi Kenney, LCMT’s Artistic Director & President, decided to keep going strong with the company’s branding campaign. She asked Inkhaus to design this flyer & poster, promoting an event series she curated.

Showcasing a unique series of performances in one of Charleston’s most hallowed dining institutions ~ McCrady’s Restaurant ~ Kenney needed a design that would deliver both the message of the event’s details, as well as bring modest attention to the recent accolades shared by both Little City & the venue, respectively. We decided to bring in a little of the ol’ “Broadway Magic” in designing this piece, tipping our hats to the cabaret style with this eye-catching look.



Sunday, December 28th, 2008


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We’re not sure if Oscar, our 227lb Great Dane ~ and Inkhaus Senior Marketing Strategist ~ knows it’s Christmas. He certainly brings cheer to our home & business, so we came up with this holiday greeting card to honor the big guy. And we did it in style!

After working some Adobe magic on the original photo, we sent in the print order with a request to apply a silk-laminate treatment to the card stock. The end result is superior both aesthetically as well as functionally.

This process produces a unique, textured silky feel to the paper ~ although the look & feel is ultra riche, the actual cost for this is only slightly higher than the standard card stock. This treatment also gives the paper water & tear resistance.

Want to check it out? Contact Us with your mailing information and we will gladly send you our Oscar Holiday Card for free.


Monday, December 15th, 2008


The Holiday Season can be a difficult time for a lot of folks. A seemingly endless shopping list to conquer, a shrinking budget with which to do said shopping ~ and let’s face it: our businesses don’t run themselves while we’re visiting relatives.

For a lot of us, this is proving to be an especially challenging winter. All one needs to do is turn on any Major Media News Network to hear a chorus of Bah-Humbugs from pundits & politicos alike. It’s about this time that I really start thinking about what is most important to me ~ Family.

As in many households, my Grandfather was an important, central figure ~ truly the patriarch of our family. I spent a great deal of time with him as a young man; his ideals, philosophies & work ethic played a major role in my development, and I hope to pass those lessons on someday soon.

Recently, I visited my Grandfather in the hospital ~ he’s been battling an illness for some time now, and this last stint was a real struggle for him. It is always difficult to see a loved one suffer ~ we continue to want to see them the way we did as children: Strong, Resilient, maybe even Indestructible.

I wanted to do something for him this Christmas that would remind him of the strength and success that characterized his life. His father, Robert Keller Hasty played Professional Baseball from 1919-1924 for manager Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics and was able to share the field with such legends as Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth.

On my last visit to see him, I was given a scrapbook kept of my Great-Grandfather’s illustrious career. I created this custom poster design, documenting an important part of my family’s history. Baseball is sacred in our family as it is in many American homes, and many of the values my Grandfather learned & passed on to me were taught through the game itself. Did you share a similar experience in your family? What games and activities were sacred to you and yours? Leave a comment and let us know! (more…)


Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

“Get up, get into it, and get involved!” ~ James Brown may have made this soul phrase popular, but Inkhaus is taking it to the next level! Not only are we designing the promo material (see below), but we’re performing at the event! Developing our Radiolab & Soul Beat Bootique, respectively, is just one of many ways we’re integrating who we are into what we do. Because effective marketing is about more than flashy design & clever copy! ;)

Event information:
Come celebrate New Years Eve in style at Kono Asian Grill. Kono offers an intimate, posh atmosphere for the stylish, chic clientele. Upon entering, guests are immediately transformed into an atmosphere of serene style.

VIP New Years Package Available 843-213-1202 table reservation line
Grants VIP access // 5 drink tickets or Hor D’oeuvres // 4 course dinner including: appetizer, soup or salad, entrée & dessert // Champagne and Ciroc Vodka Toast at midnight // Breakfast Buffet at 3:00am.

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Kono Asian Grill
1901 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC


Friday, November 7th, 2008

Inkhaus was asked to develop an ad campaign for Sago Plantation at Legends. Recent shifts in our local market demanded a campaign driven by innovation, with accountability at its core. The campaign started with a print mailer and was followed up by an e-newsletter. With custom email marketing the client was able to see real time stats on how many emails reached their target destination, who viewed the email, how many times they viewed, and which links were visited from the newsletter.

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Our clients are happy to report that they received solid leads directly from this campaign ~ real estate tours were booked, driving business to these developments. This kind of campaign is effective because it is designed to sort those prospects who are actively interested in investing.

Looking for a golf weekend getaway? Interested in the package offer? Visit for more details.


Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Charleston, SC-based Little City Musical Theatre Co. was looking to make a splash on the regional theatre scene. They decided to produce a revival of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show Live! This would be their 2nd production as an incorporated theatre group, and they wanted to represent their brand properly. Inkhaus Creative Director Sam Favata was hired to play guitar in the show. He seized the opportunity to bring the two businesses together, and a flyer design was commissioned.


Inkhaus created this flyer design ~ a hip, modern take on the classic iconography of the show. The production received rave reviews, and future performances are being planned. We look forward to working with Little City again, as we love to see fellow independent businesses grow and thrive. As Dr. Frank N. Furter would advise: “Don’t dream it, be it!”

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